About me and this blog

I started this blog as a way to process what I was learning about autism and my son who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was five.  It has become a refuge for me, a place to engage my mind and write.  After I read so many blogs written by other mom’s in the autism community, I decided that it was important to use a pseudonym and change the names of my children as well.  The internet is eternal, and while I try to be vigilant and never post anything that I wouldn’t want them to read or that would embarrass them, changing their names seems to be the best and easiest way to protect their privacy.  That being said, I am a very real mom, and they are very real kids.

There is Jake, the oldest who is autistic and whose noise and energy dictate the way we live the most.  He is a brilliant public speaker, expert on Star Wars, and is working his way through grade one in a mainstream classroom in a local elementary school.  Aiden is the middle child; he is a sweet spark of a preschooler who adores his brother and sister, and lives to make mischief.  Penny is the girl, our gift to our family who delights us all.  She is just so adorable!  She is working on her first words and believes she can do anything her big brothers can do.  Trampolines and snuggles are currently her favorite things.

I am a mom first these days, and loving it.  I am also a teacher, and right now, I am working on-call about two days a week.  I am passionate about advocating for my son, neurodiversity, and understanding autism.  My God, and how he reveals himself and his love for me, is a filter for me to process the world.  It certainly has never let me down, and I know that working for a society of acceptance and support is going to make a big difference for Jake and others in the autism community.

I am married to a wonderful guy who is a teacher at the local high school.  We cannot believe how fortunate we are to have the family we do.  We are in it together, and he gets me through the rough times.



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