High Functioning my Ass

I read this and it really resonates with me. I see so much of my loved ones in it. I just wanted to share it with you as it really shows how hard the struggles can be and how they add up.

Antleader's Journey

CN: autistic burnout or shutdown

TW: ableism

I think I should be fired from adulting effective immediately. So many people tell me I’m high functioning, but the reality is that’s a load of bunk on two counts: 1) I am not high functioning because I can barely do the tasks they think makes me high functioning and 2) functioning labels are all kinds of animal feces.  What follows is a list of the things that have happened in the last week.


Last Thursday, the writing center theory class that I coteach had a discussion on disability and the parent of an autistic kid said we need to make our clients, students, and kids “normal” (It makes me uncomfortable just writing that).


The next day, I went to a disability event at my university where they had disabled people lead simulation experiences of their own disabilities…except autism, which…

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