the Star Wars presentation

Well.  I have to brag.  I want to scream to the mountains!  My kid is amazing!  There is nothing, NOTHING he can’t do!  My five year old, my autistic five year old Jake, did a presentation today for his class.  A 25 minute presentation about Star Wars characters. For twenty-five entire minutes, he ran the class.  He stood in front of the room.  He described the characters, spoke about what makes them interesting, and answered his classmates’ questions.  He totally held their attention.  He wasn’t nervous, wasn’t shy.  He was confident and well-spoken.  He remembered everything, he had no notes.

His teacher suggested the presentation several weeks ago at our parent-teacher conference as a way for him to bring some of his passions into the classroom.  I thought she must have been just being sweet, but when I followed up with her, she booked a time for him to talk to the class.  We hooked up our laptop to the projector, so that the pictures of the famous faces were big and bright, and he just took over.

Of course, because he is singularly focused on a topic, there were many characters that no one has ever heard of except for the most passionate of fans, and Jake.  But the presentation went in alphabetical order (of course), building to a fabulous picture of Yoda flying through the air, light saber in hand, towards an enemy who has no chance.  I was beaming.  Glowing in the reflection of my son in his glory, sharing his excitement with a class of his peers who were taking in every word.

Things that surprised me will keep coming up as I relive it all night long.  How one little girl asked, of Queen Padme Amidala, if she was a princess.  How Jake responded, “No, but just wait, there is a real princess coming up.”  Then, when Leia finally did come up, he called her by name, and said, “Okay, now this is a princess.”  Incredible.

How some questions were handled seriously, whether Super Battle Droids have heads or necks.  But other questions were laughed at, together with the asker, whether Darth Maul survived.  As if that is the funniest thing ever. And of course, the hilarious Yareal Poof!  Does he poop?  Because poop sounds like poof!  Get it?

How one little boy, in the middle of the presentation, asked Jake if they could have a play date.  How another asked, right afterwards, if he could come over to watch Star Wars.  Jake hasn’t even watched Star Wars.  He has watched the Lego series and read the books.  The real thing would give him nightmares, and since sleep is so precious, we haven’t risked it yet.  Maybe they can watch some Lego Star Wars together soon.

Amazing.  I can’t get over it.  What an opportunity.  His teacher, his Educational Assistants, they were all impressed and spell-bound.  I am one proud mom.


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