A birthday party

We went to a birthday party this weekend. It was so fun. Seriously fun. Not because it was at the gymnastics club where kids had too many choices and ran until they were spent. It wasn’t. Not because every kid from the kindergarten class was there competing for the birthday girls’ attention and fighting over the toys. They weren’t there. Not because there were tons of sweets and treats. There weren’t.

It was seriously fun because it was simple. And relaxed. There was a grand total of eight kids there, including Penny who is now 7 months old and all of the siblings. All of the parents stayed and visited and had nowhere else to go. There were no noisy games and all of the kids were happy. They knew each other. They knew where the bathroom was.

I love these people. What was amazing was that I was there with my family, and we are the only ones there with a diagnosed special need, but the hostess kept raving about how happy she was that it was so relaxed and comfortable for her kids.  My Jake was the only autistic child there, but one of the other moms was thankful afterwards that we were all so accommodating of her family’s need to arrive late. Seriously. How blessed am I. Aiden and Jake played with each other, with the other kids, the little girls played with Penny. The kids were all having so much fun that they didn’t eat much dinner. And when the cake came out, it was gluten free, not so that my family could participate, but because the hostess is also wheat free,

How amazing. This is what makes my heart full. Such normal, casual, comfortable friendship and acceptance.

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