Spring break 2015

I was dreading spring break. Schools here get two whole weeks off every March. Two whole weeks with all five of us home, in one house.  The thought was terrifying to me. I imagined breaking up fights between the boys all day every day. I imagined being exhausted from the baby, running myself ragged all day trying to keep peace and accomplish “the list.”  There is always “the list” for spring break.  Cleaning, taxes, changing tires, it’s super long and never gets done until halfway through summer.

But this year, spring break was different.  It was so wonderful. It was so easy. The boys played together, apart, with cousins and friends, and without trauma. Penny was a doll. Just happy and easy. I am overwhelmed with how good things were. I just want to count my blessings as I get ready to face routine and school again.

– Jake ate joyfully.  He tried new foods and ate what was prepared for him.

– We took a trip to visit my sister and her family.  Her boys plus my boys is always a party, but this trip was such smooth sailing.  They cooperated, played together, took care of Penny; it was just wonderful.

– We traveled together in the van, driving long trips, and no one was car sick.  Aiden gets nauseated, but we used Gravol and he was fine.  So much nicer!  And Penny slept most of the way, only crying a little.

– We were given a free holiday.  One of my dear friends and her family rented a condo about 150km away for a week and couldn’t use all their time.  So we were able to get way as a family, free!  There was a wonderful, warm pool and playground and we had such a great time.

– Jake could touch in the pool.  With his lifejacket on, he became more confident and we were almost always the only people in the pool.  He was vastly less overstimulated than he is at the public pool.  He was nearly calm.  But his smile!  Oh!  He was so proud of his swimming and just glowed.

– Aiden started swimming independently, with his lifejacket on.  He just taught himself to swim!  Front, back, jumping in, it was nuts.  And he was so alive.

– When we were home, the weather was warm.  Usually we have snow, this year we were riding bikes in the sunshine.

– My parents took the boys for two whole days and overnight.  Saints, they are.

– We received our funding approval for the iPad, case, and a whole pile of therapy resources.  It felt like Christmas.

– We received a disability tax credit back payment.  Free money!  Seriously!  This holiday could not have been more unusual or more wonderful.

– We finished all of my husband’s marking for school at the beginning of the break, and took the remainder off to spend together watching movies, reading books, and just being together.  This never ever works out so well.  We try every year, but this time we made it happen.

– I slept in while my husband got up and made breakfast for the kiddos.  What a treat.  I have a six month old baby, and I actually feel rested!

– “The List” was actually accomplished!  We worked well together and focused on priorities.  It was an incredible feeling to see that it all got done.

I can’t believe it all went THAT WELL.  I am so blessed.  I just had to share it.  I have been having so much fun that I haven’t worked on research or writing.  I have a few things I am working on and hope to be back at it early next week.


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