Candy Land

Today was a pretty quiet day at home.  Spring Break reigns for another seven days and our big trips are out of the way.  Laundry and play took over the house.

There was a moment when we were just sitting around, each of us in our own world, when Aiden pulled the Candy Land game out of the closet.  He’s three and a half now, and a veteran of one successful round.

“I want to play the Candy game.”  He said, and repeated, “I want to play the Candy game.”

“Okay, I’ll play with you.”  I’m so thankful that there is nothing more pressing, nothing else I have to do.

And we play.  A sweet game, where he totally understands the rules, and is thrilled just to move his little gingerbread man across the bright squares.

“I’m winning!” He exclaims at one point.

“Yes, you are!”  I can’t help but cheer for him.

And then, from nearby, but deep in Lego building, I hear Jake, “It’s fun to play even when you aren’t winning.”

I breathe deeply.  Smile with all of my soul.  “Yes, it is.  I’m having a lot of fun.”

My husband, also nearby, but also deep in his own pursuits, looks up, “Where did you learn that, Jake?”

“From Mrs. Bell.”  His new therapist.  Well.  This is wonderful.  Thank you Mrs. Bell.  And thank you God, for this beautiful, sweet, fun moment with both of my boys.

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