Getting into trouble

Sometimes I would love just a peek of insight into Jake’s mind.  Sometimes I get it.  Oh, it’s wild to me.  This was a conversation we had the other day.

Me: Jake, you told your teacher you aren’t sleeping well. Are you not sleeping well?

Jake: Nope

Me: Why not?

Jake: Aiden talks too much.

He does, but that’s never been a problem before.

Me: Do you have worries?

Jake: Yes, I just have to pray that the Lego doesn’t go down the tub drain.  Because that would be sad.

Me: Ah.  But you know God will look after the Lego.  Just pray for it once and He will remember.  You don’t need to worry about it.

Jake: And I pray for Auntie Kate.  I pray the same thing over and over.  Just for Auntie Kate.  That she won’t meet a bad guy.

Me: But you know Auntie Kate is okay, right?

Jake: Yes, but Auntie Kate is Luke Skywalker and she is getting into trouble.

Oh.  Well, there I go.  Insight. 

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